Patient Reviews Received by Dr. Croy

"The BEST surgeon in the area. A few years ago he reattached tendons in my right elbow. He has a GREAT bedside manner, is thorough and exceptional in his work. After some physical therapy I am happy to say that my range of motion is 95%. And my elbow is pain free. If you need orthopedic surgery from a genius I highly and CONFIDENTLY WITHOUT HESITATION recommend Dr Croy!!!" 

                    EL - Sherwood, OR

Call 503-537-5620 or 503-537-5900

"I ruptured my Achilles tendon...He covered all of my options. He told me the pros and cons of each one. He answered all of my questions. He didn't "sugar coat" any of his answers...I highly recommend him."   RH


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Thomas J. Croy, MD

"It has been 2 years since you repaired my hip.  I thank you so very much for doing such a great job.  I feel terrific!" 

"Dr. Croy gave me excellent treatment and explanations."

"Dr. Croy was great!  He was highly recommended by people at ...physical therapy."

"Dr. Thomas Croy, my doctor, my surgeon was and is excellent and I will refer him to anyone."

"We trust Dr. Croy very much!"

"Would definitely recommend Dr. Croy to others."

"Dr. Croy was the best!  It's the only reason I went to this hospital."


"Dr. Croy was wonderful - very caring and helpful!"

"Love Dr. Croy - he is the best!"

"Dr. Croy is amazing!"